Ok lets talk Face Book and Stupid people

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Ok lets talk Face Book and Stupid people

Post  junkman on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:44 pm

So a guy (from UK) hits me up on the IM at face book and asks me you want to buy a fixed game scratch

And I am like do you know what I do for a living Question He says know Arrow I said you may want to look at my site.

Now guys this is on FACE BOOK not in the back of so room jsut right out there lol!

So I asked him if he wanted to do some ads here at JSP and I could do some stuff on his site cheers

Well his site is not up yet scratch

So anyway I said if a game or match is fixed what makes you think I do not all ready know about it Question

Took him awhile and I got know real answer so I said I tell you what post it at my site let the guys know who it is if it wins you may pick up some biz Exclamation

Then I got the tout answer of the day ( I should know) why would I give it away on your site when I can sale it to your guys lol!

I said feel free to ask them but hang on to your ass and good luck

Ok now lets look at this

#1 biggest scam in the game a fixed game
#2 if you know it is fixed I am sure you have bet it by know so the value should be gone.

#3 Why sale it if you got your action down and can make your money. give it away and take the focus off of you.

Just another day on Face Book Basketball Basketball lol!

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Re: Ok lets talk Face Book and Stupid people

Post  crazytrain on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:50 pm

I'll bet he would tell you it's the Rssian mob setting the game up.............got dirt on one of the coaches or refs

People are so full of shit Evil or Very Mad

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